Last updated 10/20/2021

Deepgram offers various solutions and use cases for enterprise.

Data Science

Surface parsable speech data that you can reliably use for analysis.

  • Allow developers and data scientists to add transcription features for usability, such as punctuation, diarization, and sentiment analysis.

Call Centers

Analyze 100% of your interactions to remove points of friction in your customer experience.

  • Transcribe conversations accurately and on the fly to help agents understand customer needs and empower managers to actively coach.
  • Surface knowledge base articles and upsell offers to your agents when they need them.

Voice Products

Enable virtual agents to understand customer calls and transcribe conversations on the fly.

  • With low latency, real-time streaming, and high accuracy, it will be hard to determine if your virtual agent is a human or machine.
  • Stay one step ahead of customer needs with updated models using our state-of-the-art training capabilities.


Improve efficiency and accuracy of note-taking with models trained to understand medical language.

  • Allow physicians to dictate clinical notes for integration with eHR systems. Enable live-streaming of patient conversations and medical notes via in-room devices.
  • Highlight medically relevant information, like diagnoses, symptoms, test results, treatments, and dosages, and identify protected health information.